Hotspot Management System

Take Control of your Hotspot ! provides a hotspot management system and wifi billing software to manage your wifi hotspot and generate prepaid vouchers, whereas hotspot operators can print off and sell or give away for free.

Hotspot Management System and Billing Software
Easy,Intuitive,Simple Hotspot Management and Billing Software -

Prepaid Vouchers

Create hotspot with prepaid vouchers and give it price

Customizable Hotspot Login

Choose your desired hotspot login style

Multiple Hotspots

Centralized Hotspot Management

Bandwidth Management

Set Download&Upload Speed for each package

Bulk Printing

Print Many hotspot vouchers at a time

Export Vouchers

Export the vouchers to Word,Excel and PDF

Mikrotik  CoovaAP DD-WRT

No PC is needed

In order to use our hotspot billing services, no PC is needed. You will need a compatible wireless router running supported software (DD-WRT,CoovaAP,Mikrotik, -Openmesh router will be added later) and a free hotspot manager account

Easy Setup & Configuration

You only need a bit of time(within minutes) and effort to get your hotspot up and running. Once you have configured your wireless router to connect to our hotspot billing management server, your hotspot will be ready to serve your guests